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mayweather vs pacquiao liveLet’s get ready to rumble! A fiasco has broken out these past few days with the news of confirmation about the "Fight of the History". Bob Arum, Pacquiao’s head promoter spread the news.

Finally, after how many years (six years to be exact) of waiting and attempt, Mayweather and Pacquiao have agreed to fight in the ring. No, this is not a joke but it’s a reality. It will happen at MGM Grand Garden Arena this coming May 2.

Of course with the buzz and excitement going on, avid fans around the world especially boxing enthusiasts are talking about who is going to win. Side and bets are in place.

Undefeated Floyd Mayweather, Jr.’s head trainer and proud father, Mr. Floyd Mayweather, Sr. stated in the On The Ropes Boxing Radio, "What’s he’s going to bring? He’s going to bring his ass to the ring and get it whooped, real bad. It isn’t too much for me to say about him to be honest because the thing is, and it isn’t excuse about nothing, this is the fight that they’ve all been waiting on, all these years, talking about Floyd being scared. Now, we’re going to find out."

On the other hand, the coach and personal trainer of Pacquiao, Freddie Roach had pointed out that Mayweather doesn’t understand that Pacquiao have the power and the endurance. Former opponent of Pacquiao, Chris Algieri was dumbfounded on how fast Pacquiao is on the boxing ring. Although Algieri had studied Pacquiao’s strengths and weakness, he failed to make certain adjustments to keep up with his speed and power thus resulting to his defeat.

Roach said via Rappler.com. "Manny does have power and Mayweather does not do well with southpaws. He (Mayweather) really doesn’t understand how fast Manny is and he doesn’t understand how hard he hits. Most people are devastated by the first round."

People have been speculating that this will be the last fight for the boxers since both of them are at the peak of their careers. Mayweather has been open regarding his plan on retiring this 2015 and there are rumors that Pacquiao will retire this coming 2016 before going on full time as a basketball coach and a politician in his country.
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